Bowling for Columbine / [video recording]

Bowling for Columbine / [video recording]

Michael Moore's 2002 documentary came in the wake of the burgeoning fame and infamy that the social and media commentator, agent provocateur, satirist and political activist garnered with his television series, 'The Awful Truth' and successful publications including 'Stupid White Men'. In this work Moore addresses the problem of violence in America, focusing on gun culture, the prevalence of gun ownership and the sanctity of the American right to bear arms. Moore's approach is to interview a variety of people, weaving a range of viewpoints together in an attempt to explain America's relationship to guns. Among his interviewees are student survivors of the 1999 Columbine school massacre, National Rifle Association spokesperson and actor, Charlton Heston, politicians, police and various gun enthusiasts. Moore tries to dispel myths that are propagated as an explanation as to why American society is so at war with itself - its bloody history, the volume of guns amid the population, violence in the media, American's preponderance for violent video games and films. Moore questions these theories by focusing on other less violent countries with these same qualities. One of Moore's strongest theories is that the scare-mongering prevalent in society, broadcast through the media, and the popularity of reality TV shows, such as 'COPS', promotes the notion that danger is omnipresent and must be countered by the individual. Winner of Best Documentary at the 2003 Academy Awards, Moore's acceptance speech earned him even greater notoriety when he criticised US President Bush and the war on Iraq. Also available on VHS.


  • Autor: Moore, Michael
  • Edición: 1a. ed.
  • Año de Publicación: 2003
  • Editorial: Barcelona:Manga Films
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Páginas: 1 videodisc (DVD) (ca. 115 mins.)

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